20 Retirement Mistakes, Chartering a Superyacht, and Ex-Pat Living in Cyprus – Links

I see a vaccine in my near future and my mind continues to wander toward travel dreams. Has your mind been drifting toward travel as well? Here are some ideas.


Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy – (CNN travel)

If you love Italy as much as I do (or travel in general), you have to watch the new Stanley Tucci show – Searching for Italy. It’s the travel show we all need during COVID. The actor visits different parts of the country exploring Italian cuisine, meeting up with food producers, chefs, and restaurant owners. You’ll never look at cheese, ham, or spaghetti the same way again. You can catch it on Sundays at 9 pm ET on CNN.

European bucket-list travel – (Conde Nast Traveler)

It’s looking more and more likely that European travel will have to wait until next year if you want to enjoy the summer there. The good news is you’ll have a whole year to refine your itinerary. Here are some ideas.

Expat living in Europe: Have you ever thought of Cyprus? – (International Living)

“Surrounded by the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has been on important trade routes since ancient times. Over the last 6,000, years nearly every major empire has occupied it at one time or another. Most have left something behind…”

Events to put on your calendar if you think weird is great – (The Insatiable Traveler)

If America needs anything after a year of COVID, it’s a return of unusual events.

So, you want to charter a superyacht. Here’s what it will cost you – (elite traveler)

“Below Deck” is my reality-show, guilty pleasure. Combine travel and the inner workings of a small business and I’m sold. A highlight of each show is the “tip meeting” where the crew receives a gratuity left by the just-departed charter guest. Part of the show’s intrigue is to see if the crew was richly rewarded, or stiffed for their efforts. But how much are these guests paying for their charter? This article explains all of the costs involved with the charter of your dreams.  


These 20 retirement mistakes may cost you millions – (Nasdaq)

The most important tip in this article is that you have to monitor your progress. Too many investors develop a financial plan and then file it away in a drawer. If you’re pulling it out and blowing the dust off ten years later it might be too late to course-correct.

Your questions about planning for retirement and travel answered. Where to go? What to do? How to plan it? How to afford it?

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