A Haunted Hotel, How to Deal With an Unexpected Retirement, and 34 of the Best Travel Podcasts – Links

The next week is going to be action-packed with Halloween and the election. Take some time this weekend, turn off the onslaught of political ads, and enjoy the first full moon in 76 years! Enjoy it while you can, because you’ll be waiting for nineteen years to see the next one. Happy Halloween!


“Paying too much attention to politics can be harmful to your wealth.” – (Forbes)

Elections can be stressful times, and the stock market has a history of volatility during times of perceived uncertainty. However, if you’re investing for the long haul, you have nothing to worry about.

Unexpected Retirement – (Vanguard)

Unfortunately, many people don’t work as long as they had planned – especially given today’s coronavirus-fueled layoffs. Vanguard has put together a solid list of steps to take if this happens to you.

Early Retirement – Steps to Take – (Forbes)

Planning is easier when it’s broken into two phases – pre and post-retirement.


Staying in a Haunted Hotel – The Terror and the Humor – (PBF)

Happy Halloween! Ever stay in a haunted hotel all alone? This is my story.

34 of the best travel podcasts – (Travel Massive)

If you’re looking for a travel podcast, I got you covered!

Would you fly if everyone on the plane is tested for COVID before takeoff? – (CNBC)

A vaccine would be fantastic, but small things like rapid-results testing add up and might be just as important to getting life back to normal.

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    Financial Advisor David Tuzzolino

    David Tuzzolino, CFA, CFP®, is the Founder and CEO of PathBridge Financial, a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for clients that are nearing retirement and love to travel.