Dreaming of International Retirement and Does Building a Linear City Make Any Sense at All? – Links

Nothing more than solid travel and retirement articles this week. I’m fascinated with the concept of a linear city and wonder if it will ever even exist. Also, signing up for Medicare can be a huge headache, especially if you’re a traveler. My article this week explains how it will cover you when you’re on vacation out of state. 


A linear city? – (Architectural Digest)

The 100-mile city has no cars, no streets, and no net carbon emissions. The project will begin in the first quarter of 2021, so it may be a while before visiting is a possibility, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress.

Does your love of travel affect your decision to get a COVID vaccine? – (thePointsGuy)

Travelers are ready to hit the road and a COVID vaccine is an important first step for many.

Does the pandemic have you dreaming of an early retirement overseas? – (Forbes)

As near-retirees ponder their options for retirement or early retirement, retiring overseas can be an attractive option. Here’s a list of ten alternatives spread out across the globe.

You can now get a “home” office in your Airstream – (Yahoo)

The pandemic is changing nearly every aspect of life, RVs included. The rapid adoption of technology has driven the work-from-anywhere trend, and manufacturers are adapting. Gone are the days of propping up a laptop on your, well, lap. The new Airstreams have the option of a small desk where you can “maintain a 40-hour workweek while also traveling the country.”


Does My Health Insurance Cover Travel to Another State? – (PBF)

This article could have gone under travel or retirement. If you’ve ever wondered – “Does my health insurance cover me when I’m in another state?” – this article is for you. It discusses the answer pre-65 and post-65. It may surprise you how Medicare works and what it doesn’t cover.

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