+ Is there an asset minimum to work with PathBridge Financial?

There are no asset minimums, but there is a $6,000 annual client minimum for ongoing financial planning and investment management services.

+ How often do you meet with clients?

This is greatly up to the client. After the initial set-up meetings, most clients prefer one comprehensive review meeting per year. More frequent meetings are recommended, however, when there are major life events. I offer unlimited email and phone support as well. I encourage clients to reach out with any questions they may have about their personal finances.

+ I have no need for ongoing financial planning. Can you provide financial planning on a one-time basis?

I am happy to do one-time projects for clients that don’t need ongoing financial planning at this time. One-time project fees depend on the complexity of the situation.

+ Can you just provide financial planning services only or must you manage my investments as well?

Financial planning and investment management are separate services. You do not have to use the investment management services that are offered. If you choose comprehensive financial planning only, you will be billed quarterly or monthly for these services.

+ I don’t own a business. Will you still work with me?

If you are a professional that is passionate, motivated and goal-oriented, I would love to work with you.

+ What is the pricing of your services?

Pricing starts at $6,000 per year for comprehensive financial planning and investment management services.

Please see the tiered fee schedule for investment management. Click Here

+ Your office is not in my area. Can I still work with you?

Absolutely! Technology has made it easy to work with an advisor virtually, regardless of where you are located. Meetings will be handled via high-quality, online conference calls and by phone. Documents will be scanned and secured in a virtual vault.

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