How Not to Screw Up Your HSA or Social Security, and Dogs May Help Us Travel Again – Links


Beware the Bucket List – (PBF)

Most people mention travel as one of the main things they would like to do in retirement, yet 67% don’t budget for it. If you’re a traveler, this lack of planning can be devastating to either your retirement savings or your retirement travel dreams. 

No one tells you this about taking social security early – (fedsmith)

This is why you need a financial advisor! (Extreme bias here.)

In your 50’s? Time to reassess your retirement plan – (CNBC)

You’re running out of time to course-correct.

Not investing HSA funds is a huge mistake – (USA Today)

An HSA could be one of the best retirement accounts in your arsenal.


Coronavirus sniffing dogs – (AP News)

A vaccine would be fantastic, but until then, steps like this will go a long way to getting us back to some sort of “normal” travel environment. I wonder if it would be possible to just walk around all day with one of these dogs?

Travel wipes out ethnocentricity – (The Washington Post)

I have been a huge fan of Rick Steves ever since my first trip to Europe. His guides are never afraid to offer an opinion – a good interview during the pandemic.

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    Financial Advisor David Tuzzolino

    David Tuzzolino, CFA, CFP®, is the Founder and CEO of PathBridge Financial, a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for clients that are nearing retirement and love to travel.