It’s Time to Fortify Your Travel Budget, How to Reduce Your Taxes in Retirement, and Otherworldly Landscapes – Links

I’m highlighting the fact that travel will explode in the coming years, and with it, prices are sure to follow. Prepare your travel budget now so you can enjoy a seamless transition from cocooning in your home to exploring the world. 


Your Travel Budget Is About to Implode – Here’s What to Do About It – (PBF)

How does your retirement budget look? It might not look as good as you think, given the bottled-up demand for travel that will be unleashed when the pandemic eases.

Retirees – reduce the tax hit – (CNBC)

The right strategy in retirement can significantly decrease the taxes you pay.


26 Otherworldly Landscapes to Visit – (Conde Nast Traveller)

You might not be able to visit anytime soon, but one can dream.

VRBO Trend Report 2021 – (VRBO)

An informative report  – this is what families are thinking about for 2021 travel. Hint: 82% of families already have travel plans for 2021. Now that’s pent-up demand!

Round the world in style – (Luxury Travel Advisor)

5 continents, 28 countries, 72 destinations. This is exactly what I need to forget 2020.

Did COVID change travel permanently? – (CNN)

A vaccine may open up the flood gates to bucket-list travel. New technology and ways of thinking about travel may change the experience for a long time; some things will be better, others not.

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    Financial Advisor David Tuzzolino

    David Tuzzolino, CFA, CFP®, is the Founder and CEO of PathBridge Financial, a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for clients that are nearing retirement and love to travel.