Investment Management

A diversified portfolio is constructed once your goals and risk tolerance are fully understood.  Low fees, tax minimization and expected performance are weighed heavily as each investment is selected. Portfolios are designed for the long-term and built to ride out the volatility of the market. 

As an investment management client, you receive:

  • A customized portfolio built with your goals and risk tolerance in mind.

  • Continuous monitoring of your portfolio and the investments it holds.

  • Periodic rebalancing of the assets in your portfolio.

  • You will have unlimited access to a Certified Financial Planner™ / Chartered Financial Analyst who will answer any questions you have about your portfolio. 

Client portfolios will contain a globally-diversified mixture of active and passive investments, mainly through mutual fund and exchange-traded fund holdings. Some investment classes are largely efficient and when this is the case, a focus on low cost is emphasized. However, markets are still driven by fear and greed which can create undervalued assets and opportunity. Active management is utilized in an attempt to exploit these opportunities when they occur.

Pricing for Investment Management Services

If a client’s assets under management exceed $500,000, Comprehensive Financial Planning is included.


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