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Do you need travel insurance? I make a case for why you might not, even in today’s uncertain times – (PathBridge Financial)

“Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.”

What to do with the money you didn’t spend on travel this year – (Simple Dollar)

Two fun and two responsible ways to use your 2020 travel budget. Why not a little of both?

The importance of sticking to your investment plan – (

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been an interesting case study in the importance of sticking to an investment plan.” How did you do?

Retirement Planning for Travelers – what it is and what the heck I’m trying to do around here – (PathBridge Financial)

I wanted to create a financial advisory firm that did things a little differently. In what way? Here are the details.


It’s strange what a pandemic will do to a traveler. In an attempt to quiet my wanderlust, I’ve turned to drone footage. Here are three of my bucket list destinations shown from a perspective only a well-piloted drone can provide. Trust me; these are cool.

Mont Saint Michel

I have always been drawn to this town and would love to spend the night wandering its streets after the day-trippers leave. There’s lots of drone footage of the town teeming with tourists, but I thought this was perfect considering the pandemic.

Grand Canyon

Here’s some drone footage a little closer to home. I drove by the Grand Canyon once in the middle of the night, but youthful and foolish, chose not to spend time in the area. It remains on my U.S. bucket list. 

Cinque Terre

I have been to Italy several times, but there’s so much I’ve yet to see. The Cinque Terre and Lake Como are on the top of my list for next time.

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    Financial Advisor David Tuzzolino

    David Tuzzolino, CFA, CFP®, is the Founder and CEO of PathBridge Financial, a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for clients that are nearing retirement and love to travel. This summer you’ll find him watching drone footage while anxiously awaiting a return to normal travel.