Who I Serve & Pricing

How to know if we’re a good match?

I deliver maximum value when working on complex situations that involve retirement planning. Typical clients are:

Diligent savers that are within 15 years of retirement and have accumulated $400,000 or more of investment assets.

People who value professional guidance and understand that a successful retirement is too important to handle on their own.

People who are action-oriented and are willing to be proactive in making a difference in their financial future.


I Am Proud to Be a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

I receive no commissions or sales incentives.

 All initial consultations are complimentary.

I am paid one way – directly by my clients.

Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning Only


$4,900 annually, which is billed monthly or quarterly based on client preference.


Investment Management Only

A maximum of 1.2% of assets under management, based on the schedule below.

Ongoing Financial Planning Plus Investment Management

Financial planning fee of $2,900/year plus a maximum of 1.2% of assets under management, based on the schedule below. 

*If assets under management are greater than $400,000, ongoing comprehensive financial planning is included at no extra charge.

One-Time Project Fees

One-time projects start at $1,500.

Additional Information

Complex cases may result in a higher fee, but all pricing will be determined before an engagement begins.

There is a minimum charge of $4,900/year for all ongoing services.

Asset Management Schedule

Investment Management Fees



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