Steps to Becoming a Client

Every financial advisor has a unique process, so as a potential client, how do you know what to expect? The following outline will walk you through six easy steps, from introduction to ongoing engagement.


First Step: Introduction

The first step is a 20 minute phone call. We get to know each other a little better and determine if we are a good match. Am I able to help someone in your unique situation?

If we are not a good fit for one another, I will gladly introduce you to a firm that is better suited to your specific needs.


Step 2: Planning Meeting

This complimentary meeting should last about an hour and can be done virtually or in person. We’ll discuss your financial goals, needs, and concerns. 

It is also your chance to ask questions about the firm, the investment process, and anything else that comes to mind. There are no silly questions.

I will request a few financial documents before this meeting. This information will help me better understand your financial life. 


Step 3: Presentation of Your Retirement Assessment

For ongoing planning clients, I will provide a complimentary retirement assessment plan (virtually or in-person) that will answer the following questions:

  • Are you on track to meet your retirement goals? 
  • Can your tax bill be reduced?
  • Can your investment portfolio be improved?

At the end of this meeting, I will ask if you’d like to start working together, or if you’d like to think it over. You will never be given the hard sell, so please take as much time as you need to decide if PathBridge Financial is right for you. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were all of my questions answered?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of what it will be like to work together?
  • Will the benefits I receive exceed the costs?


Step 4: Analysis

I create a comprehensive financial plan that will outline the exact steps that will allow you to: 

  • Achieve financial independence
  • Retire in the manner you desire
  • Build travel into your life before and after retirement


Step 5: Customized Financial Plan

You will be presented with a personalized comprehensive financial plan, and we will discuss exactly what needs to be done to reach your retirement and travel goals.

You should leave this meeting with a clear understanding of your financial plan and the detailed steps needed to make it a reality. 


Step 6: Ongoing Relationship

“Change is the only constant in life.”  The old Greek quote rings true, especially when it comes to your finances.

A detailed plan is only the beginning. A robust monitoring program is crucial to your success.

We will work together to ensure your financial plan is properly executed, and new challenges are quickly addressed.

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