Fall Foliage 2020

A covered path bridge surrounded by an explosion of color fall foliage

Fall is in the air and I’m in planning mode for a socially-distanced tour of Gettysburg. We should be treated to a colorful ride as we head east out of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania is known for having the longest fall foliage season on earth so I became inspired and put together a short fall-foliage resource guide. Retirement links will return next week. 


This travel portion is all about fall foliage. I am planning a trip and it’s just about the perfect time of year to see the changing colors in Pennsylvania. My apologies to everyone that missed the peak season in their area, as I am a little late with this.

Fall foliage map – (Smokymountains)

A phenomenal map of the entire United States that predicts the best time to travel to each area. You can change dates to move forward in time, and the map shows detail down to the county level.  The site also has some basic science on the entire process. Memorize it, so you don’t look like a fool when a three-year-old asks you about Chlorophyll.

A guide to every state’s fall colors – (tripsavvy)

Every state’s peak time and the colors expected to make an appearance are listed. Each state’s fall foliage hotline is also listed – who knew such a thing existed?

Places to see stunning fall colors – (Recreation.gov)

Which locations are worth visiting? Here’s a list with national parks heavily represented.

11 fall foliage road trips to take in 2020 – (Jetsetter)

If it’s epic road trips you prefer, here’s eleven of them that won’t disappoint. Make sure you talk someone else into driving, so you don’t miss a thing.

Planning a Trip During a Pandemic – It Just Might Make You Feel Better – (PBF)

My research for this Gettysburg trip is what motivated me to compile articles on fall foliage. Are you feeling down? Try planning a trip; it will likely make you feel better.

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