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If you find yourself with some free time this holiday season, there’s no better way to spend it than looking for some “Sidewalk Money”. Meb Faber walks you through seven ways you might be able to find some serious coin. While not as lucrative, I’ve included an additional half dozen articles that should be worth your time. I won’t be back with more links until after Christmas, so if you’re celebrating…Merry Christmas!

New Graduates

7 Financial Tips for College Grads in 2020 – (PBF)

It’s the time of year for newly-minted college graduates. If you have one in your life, they may be wondering where to begin financially. Here’s an article highlighting seven tips that will benefit all graduates.


Instead of drinking a fourth glass of egg nog this holiday season, consider spending an hour or two searching for “Sidewalk Money” – (Meb Faber)

Meb presents 7 ways to find “free money”. Most take 15 minutes or less. What have you got to lose? I’ll tell you what you’ve got to lose – nothing!

The pandemic is another reason to expect an earlier “retirement” then planned – (Forbes)

Putting together a comprehensive financial plan with a retirement plan of 65 sounds like a fantastic idea. But what happens when a pandemic, ageism, or health issues smack you in the face and retirement comes sooner than expected? When planning it’s always a good idea to move your expected retirement age forward a few years to account for unpleasant surprises. It also puts you in a position to accept a generous early retirement package if it comes along.

Lessons learned from three years of retirement – (CanIRetireYet?)

“You won’t do it in retirement if you’re not doing it now.”


Want to quarantine on a Caribbean island? – (CondeNastTraveler)

Here’s how to do it in a resort on the island of Grenada, at a hotel which…refers to quarantining there as “vacationing in place.” A hotel room in paradise is a fantastic place to quarantine – until it isn’t. 

Trips you may want to book a year in advance – (ThePointsGuy)

Safaris, French Polynesia, a cruise to Antarctica…all vacations you should consider planning a year in advance. My guess is that bucket-list travel will be in high demand once it is safe to travel again. You might want to prepare in advance, just make sure everything is fully refundable.


Top podcasts of 2020 compiled by The Idea Farm– (Spotify)

If you’ve got some holiday downtime and you enjoy listening to podcasts about markets, investing, and general business ideas – this is the list for you!

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