The Uncommon Path – December 16th Edition

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In this issue…
  • Should you keep Medicare if you move overseas in retirement?
  • I-Bonds will offer an annualized 7.12% rate for at least part of 2022, do they make sense in your portfolio?
  • Ever feel like you’re booking your flight/hotel at exactly the wrong time? Expedia crunches the numbers and explains when to book and when to travel for lower rates
  • My Thanksgiving trip report gives you the scoop on how bad airports really were – not that bad actually

…and more!

Thank you for making 2021 a fantastic year for PathBridge Financial. Oddly enough, in a year where the COVID-pandemic has dragged on, the U.S. stock market has continued to march higher, travel has started to re-enter our lives, and PathBridge had a record year thanks to all of my wonderful clients.

2021 was a year that proved, trying to time the market is a bad idea. Would you have been fully invested if, on January 1, you had known about Omicron, Fed tapering, and the rate of inflation for the year? I’m guessing no.

What will 2022 bring? Undoubtedly, a new list of things to worry about and possibly the correction many experts have been forecasting. The U.S. large-cap market, including much of the tech universe, is rich by historical measures, so make sure you’re not overweight this group. A long-term outlook and a diversified portfolio containing attractively-valued investments, such as small-cap, international, and emerging market equities, remain a good idea. 

I will keep this letter short and sweet since I know you have more important things to do during this time of the year. But I want to close by saying I hope the work we’ve done together this year has helped you move closer to your ultimate dreams and goals.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives, and I look forward to making an even more significant contribution in 2022.

Safe Travels,



If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, head to Cleveland. Yes, Cleveland. You’ll not only find the legendary Christmas Story house (leg-lamp included) but outside of the city is Castle Noel, a museum dedicated to Christmas movies with an eye-popping selection of famous movie props. Here you can slide down the Christmas Story department store slide, pose with Cousin Eddie’s Christmas Vacation RV (see picture above), and check out props featured in movies such as Elf, The Grinch, and The Santa Claus trilogy. I went a few years back, and if you’re a Christmas movie fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Did you travel for Thanksgiving? Was it as bad as the media forewarned? Here’s my blow-by-blow Thanksgiving Trip Report.  

Ever feel that regardless of when you book a flight or hotel, it’s the wrong time? As in, it’s the time when you’re going to be charged a ridiculous amount more than if you just waited until Wednesday at 3 am? Worry no more! Expedia released their latest report outlining when to book and the best time to travel so you’ll get the top deals.

Bringing the international back to the Pittsburgh International Airport. Direct flights to London will start up again this summer!

The Incline has released its monthly guide on the Pittsburgh dining scene, including what’s opening and closing. I’m very excited that Chengdu Gourmet is opening a location in the North Hills, an area that is sorely lacking in mom-and-pop restaurants.


Should you keep Medicare if you move overseas? Spoiler: Almost always.

Articles about the best places to live overseas are fine, but I’ve always preferred them when they dig into the numbers. Ever think of ditching the cold and moving to Antigua? Here’s a family that did it and exactly how much they’re spending.


If you follow me on LinkedIn, you’ll know I posted about this article earlier in the week. There are severe limitations to investing in I-bonds, including how much you can buy and how long you must hold them, but you can receive an attractive yield in the right situation. This article does a very nice job of explaining the pros and cons.

Own Vanguard funds? They have released their estimated year-end distributions.

Did you miss the last issue of The Uncommon Path? If so, you have a second chance to catch up on:

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  • My COVID-19 Travel Resource Guide for 2022
  • An incredibly valuable tool that will show you how to best use your points and miles to get the most out of travel
  • Are you using the Hopper app? You should be

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    Financial Advisor David Tuzzolino

    David Tuzzolino, CFA, CFP®, is the Founder and CEO of PathBridge Financial, a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for clients that are nearing retirement and love to travel.