The Uncommon Path – December 2nd Edition

The Uncommon Path

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In this issue…
  • The 10-Year Treasury yield has increased by 1% or more fourteen times in the last 70 years – here’s how the stock market performed
  • My COVID-19 Travel Resource Guide for 2022
  • An incredibly valuable tool that will show you how to best use your points and miles to get the most out of travel
  • Are you using the Hopper app? You should be

…and more!

Lori and David Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. The pic above is Lori and I preparing for our airplane adventure. More to come next week about our trip to Oklahoma. 

Just when the coast looked clear for 2022 to be a year filled with long-delayed travel, Omicron decides to ruin the party. It’s too early to tell whether this will be a slight hiccup on our way through this pandemic, or something more serious.

The stock market certainly wasn’t a fan of the news about a new variant as companies with economic sensitivity dropped this week. However, to keep it in perspective the S&P 500 is only down 4% from its highs as I write this. 

Safe Travels,



Now, more than ever, travel information is crucial when planning a trip and while you’re traveling. I couldn’t find a good resource that compiled all of this information, so I created one. I just completed an update: Coronavirus Travel Advice – a Resource Guide for 2022.

If you’ve ever wondered how to best use your points or miles, Nerdwallet has put together an extremely useful tool that will show you exactly what to do. Should you transfer your points to another airline for the best deal? Which airline has the most attractive rewards chart for your destination? I highly recommend you check out this valuable resource.  

Are you using the Hopper app? If not, you should be. I’m always on the lookout for new websites or apps to reduce the cost of travel and I’m surprised at how often Hopper has the best flight/hotel prices. The app will also alert you if it thinks prices will decline or if you should buy right away. 


Greece – the food, the history, the weather, and that Mediterranean lifestyle. What’s not to like? Have you considered Corfu or Crete? Maybe you should? Here’s an article that highlights the benefits of both locations. 

If you’re a connoisseur of retirement books like me, you’ll appreciate this fantastic “best of” list put together by retirement expert Fritz Gilbert.  


The 10-Year Treasury yield has increased by 1% or more fourteen times since 1950. Here’s how the stock market performed.

Did you miss the last issue of The Uncommon Path? If so, you have a second chance to catch up on:

  • You can contribute more money to your 401k in 2022!
  • There’s a new premium travel rewards card from CapitalOne
  • Want to retire abroad? Here’s an article with some unusual locations
  • The best travel books of 2021

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