The Uncommon Path – The St. Patrick’s Day Edition

The Uncommon Path

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In this issue…
  • Have you been thinking of retiring earlier?
  • Tired of boring vacations? 5 ideas that will get you out of your comfort zone
  • Prices are going up and credit card bonuses are going away – time to act fast!
  • The best cities for St. Patrick’s Day parades 

…and more!

Want to underperform the stock market by 5.88% a year? Just follow your emotions.

Emotions can run high when the world’s stock markets are being jerked about. The following headlines were written over the last three weeks and not in publications with differing agendas. Each headline appeared in the Wall Street Journal.   

“Investors Dash to Haven Assets During Ukraine Crisis Market Turmoil”

“Stocks Surge as Oil Prices Slide Below $100”

“Stock Markets Close Lower as Inflation Rises, War in Ukraine Continues”

“Stocks Climb As Fed Raises Interest Rates”

Can any investor be blamed for feeling unsettled? For making rash decisions to ease the emotional pain of potential losses? Unfortunately, shedding this pain comes at a steep price.

Market research firm, Dalbar, measured the average return for mutual fund investors compared to the S&P 500. For the 30 years ending December 31st, 2018, the average mutual fund stock investor underperformed by 5.88% per year. This underperformance was created by investors buying and selling at the wrong time.

Conclusion: emotions are the enemy of long-term investing, something every retirement plan relies on. So even though it might feel great in the short term to sell your stocks for the safety of cash, you’ll very likely be doing your long-term plan a grave disservice.

I know. Ignoring the headlines is easier said than done.

However, if you’re tempted to make significant changes to your investment portfolio, consider the consequences of missing out on nearly 6% of return each year. You’ll be forced to work longer, spend less, and save more just to end up in the same place on your retirement journey.

Hang in there, ignore the noise, and embrace your long-term plan.

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Have you been thinking of retiring earlier?

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Trying to time the market is a bad idea, explained in another way


The best U.S. cities for St. Patrick Day parades (spoiler Pittsburgh’s #3)

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