The Vanlife, the Emergency Fund and Struggling to Save for Retirement – Links


Your friend and mine – the emergency fund – (PBF)

Why start an emergency fund? My article for the week.

How to avoid RMD mistakes – (Yahoo Finance)

You’ve finally made it to retirement, and you’re looking forward to spending the hard-earned money you’ve been collecting for decades. Leave it to the government to make it a royal pain in the butt – the complexity of RMDs.

Americans are struggling to save enough for retirement – (Forbes)

Only read this if you have a strong stomach. The synopsis – you need to take retirement planning and savings into your own hands as the traditional aids such as pensions are disappearing. I can’t emphasize enough to save aggressively from a young age because you are ultimately responsible for your retirement standard of living.

Francisco Cervelli retires – (CBS Sports)

Francisco Cervelli was more than a catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates; he was a colorful character the fans loved. I have no doubt it was the same in New York, Atlanta, and Miami. Some of his best years were spent with the Buccos, and I was fortunate to see him play more than a few times. His energy was always high, and his love of the game was always apparent. You didn’t need to be a Pirates fan, or a fan of baseball at all, to be swept up in his enthusiasm and fun-loving spirit.

Unfortunately, he battled concussions throughout his time in baseball, and his retirement announcement is at least partially the result of this struggle. Cervelli has decided to put his health before his career, and I applaud him.

I keep thinking that the current pandemic will go away one day, and everything will return to near-normal. However, as time goes by, the further away from our old normal we get. One thing that we won’t see is the ever-smiling Francisco Cervelli playing baseball.

Good luck, Francisco!


The #VanLife – (TDAmeritrade)

Have you been dreaming of the vanlife in retirement?

Travel contests – (theLuxuryTravelExpert)

Who doesn’t love free stuff! Ok, I’m usually not one to start signing up for free things on the internet, but I think this pandemic is taking its toll. The majority of these are only for U.K. residents, but there are a few in there for everyone else. A couple of free nights in Rome and five all-inclusive nights in Antigua jumped out at me. Caveat – don’t blame me if you get overwhelmed with emails after entering one of these.

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