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Spending before and after retirement can be filled with apprehension. However, the best way to relieve yourself of this dread is to plan ahead and know what is likely to be important and what isn’t. If there was only someone who could help you with this stuff…hmm. (Shameless plug.)  

What you should and shouldn’t spend money on in retirement – (next avenue)

There is typically an initial three-to-five-year period of retirement “jubilation,” where many retirees overspend, often with more frequent travel as they start checking off their “bucket list” goals, Jenkin said. That’s usually followed by a longer period of “stabilization” — when spending normalizes for the next decade or so. Jenkin calls the last spending period the “five-mile radius,” when older retirees mostly stay closer to home and their spending (except for health care) typically decreases.

Expenses that go away in retirement – (Curtis Financial Planning)

Ann felt fortunate about being able to retire at 60 after working 10-hour days for many years. However, as the date approached last year, she felt apprehension about ending her salary income. She knew that a portion of her daily spending while working was mostly for convenience, but she never took the time to figure out how much. 

It’s never too early to start a Roth IRA even if you’re a teenager – (the free financial advisor)

The Gig Economy

How much do Uber drivers make in your city? – (Small Business Trends)

If there is one company that symbolizes the gig economy, it is Uber. The issues the company has with its drivers and how much they make highlights the growing pains of the gig economy. Speaking of how much they make, a new report from Zippia looks at where in the U.S. Uber drivers make the most and least money.

Author Kathy Morris says you can make a good wage in some cities, but in others, you will be better of working at McDonald’s. 

Credit Cards

January is a good time to review your credit card choices – (Frugal Travel Guy)

I used to carry the Chase Sapphire Reserve card for dining and travel at 3X with a value in my mind of 1.5 cents per point. I recently product changed back down to the Sapphire Preferred card at 2X dining as I have enough cards with travel credits and at a net cost of $150 when you take away the $300 travel credit, I think I’m getting more out the Gold card.


January cold often gets me dreaming about the beach: the best places to stay in Seychelles – (Wild Junket)

Empty beaches, spearmint blue water, pristine jungles and lost world islands: Seychelles really is a fabled paradise that lives up to its name. Picture-perfect beaches abound, backed by lush green hills, swaying palm trees and larger-than-life boulders. Centuries-old giant tortoises roam freely, while elegant birds fly overhead.

To help you plan your perfect Seychelles itinerary, I am sharing my tips on where to stay in Seychelles and the best Seychelles hotels on each island.

I’m not sure if this should go under investing, retirement, or travel – buying a home in Italy for $1 – (CNN)

Bisaccia, a picturesque destination in Italy’s southern Campania region, is putting 90 dilapidated buildings on the market for one euro, joining other places across Italy trying to save dying communities by incentivizing people to move there.

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