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This website is about retirement, and I’m starting with some articles that may help you get there. Then once you’ve arrived, where and how to do it right.

Don’t wait until you max out your 401k to contribute to a Roth. – (CNBC)

To Roth or not to Roth?

That may not be the question as William Shakespeare phrased it. But it is the question you should be asking yourself when saving retirement money in an individual retirement account.

4 things to nurture in retirement beyond your stacks of green. – (considerable)

“Many people expect to live ‘happily ever after’ in retirement but haven’t thought much about how that will occur,” he says. He lists these areas as focus points for a happy retirement.

Do you think tax rates will be higher in the future?  Now’s a good time to consider a Roth. – (CNBC)

Roth funds…may make more financial sense for savers who expect to pay a higher income tax rate in retirement relative to what it is now. Given current economic and political dynamics, a Roth account may make sense for more Americans than in past years.

US expats have spoken. These are the ten best countries to retire in.  – (Business Insider)

Retirees living overseas ranked their experience across 10 categories: housing, benefits and discounts for seniors; visas and residence; cost of living; assimilation and entertainment; quality and accessibility of healthcare; development; climate; government stability; and opportunity for semi-retirement.

8 steps to help you plan for retirement – (Business Insider)

When one of his friends tell him they’re thinking about retiring, Dirk Cotton’s first advice is to find an expert. “Find a good a retirement planner, because retirement planning is incredibly complex,” he said. “They’re extremely helpful and worth the investment, and it’s worth it to start talking to them in the years before you retire.”


Financial advisors everywhere have been bombarded with articles covering the SECURE Act and what it means to retirement planning. If you’re not familiar with Michael Kitces, he’s a Rockstar in the financial advisory community. When Michael does something, he does it thoroughly, and articles on his website fit this mold. If you want to find out what this new law means for you, start here.

The SECURE Act will affect your retirement plans. Here’s some detail – (Nerd’s Eye View)

…the SECURE Act of 2019 makes numerous updates to the rules around retirement plans in an effort to increase access to employer-sponsored retirement plans, and (hopefully) takes a positive step towards addressing the so-called retirement crisis. But as with other legislation in recent years, what legislation may give with one hand, it takes with the other, and in practice, many financial advisors may spend more time dealing with what is lost…than what is gained.


If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, you’ll notice two things foodwise. 1.) You’ll find fries hidden in unfamiliar places such as sandwiches and salads. 2.) You’ll find Greens and Beans on most Italian restaurant menus. I had no idea this was a Rochester thing as well. Here’s a great recipe.

Greens and beans are a delicacy. Here’s how to make them right. – (The Life of Jolie)

This recipe is pretty darn fantastic for a few reasons. First and foremost they’re full of delicious, savory, garlicky flavor. Do I have your attention now? They’re also pretty healthy being that the primary ingredients are escarole and beans. And since there’s no meat, it’s also pretty easy on your wallet (although it would be perfectly delicious with meat added!).

Pittsburgh Soup:

How the author failed to include the borscht at the Polish Deli in the Strip District in the Best Soup in Pittsburgh article, I’ll never know. But, I’m willing to give her a pass as she included the phenomenal soup dumplings at Everyday Noodles.

If you work downtown, the 2020 Cool Down for Warmth event looks worthy. Knowing myself, I’ll be there both days.

It’s soup weather! A list of the best soups in Pittsburgh – (VisitPITTSBURGH)

As the air gets colder in the Burgh’, nothing tastes better than a hearty bowl of homemade soup. Pittsburgh has lots of places to get your soup on, and they taste almost as good as your mom’s! Take the chill out of winter this season by trying one or more of these great soups and warm up with Pittsburgh’s hot food scene!

A soup challenge in Pittsburgh? I’m in! – (Dollar Energy)

During the 2020 Cool Down for Warmth event, Dollar Energy Fund is hosting a Bowls for Warmth Soup Tasting to benefit families in need of utility assistance. Local restaurants will participate in a soup challenge, serving cups of soup to the lunchtime crowd in Market Square. Attendees get to sample three soups from their choice of over a dozen participating vendors, and vote for their favorite!

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