Why You Have to Visit Naples, It Might Be Time to Rethink Your Rewards Credit Card, and More – Links

I’m going all travel links this week as there were plenty of interesting reads. I’m sure there are plenty of people ready to hit the road as soon as the pandemic eases. Until then, here are some articles to get you in the spirit.


What Will Travel Look Like in 2021? – (PBF)

You can’t swing a stick around here without hitting someone’s 2021 prediction about travel – so I figured, why not give it a shot myself? An article about how to plan a vacation in 2021 and how you might approach it differently than in the past.

Sure, you’ve done Italy, but have you done Naples? – (the Points Guy)

It’s not the first place tourists think of when planning a trip to Italy, but if you want to get an authentic taste of Italian life, it’s an excellent place to start. It’s also a good base for seeing Pompeii and visiting picturesque Italian islands. And best of all, you can eat your way through the city’s many pizzerias with a smile on your face.

Adventure, good for your well-being? – (A Luxury Travel Blog)

“Summer vacations abroad may happen in a big way this year.” This statement might be wishful thinking if the current pace of vaccine distribution continues, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for fall vacations.

International travel’s return – what we know now – (CNN)

Vaccines, quarantines, and mingling with strangers. When will international travel return, and what will it look like? Readers know I think it will come back quickly. This article spells out the procedures we may all have to endure until the world returns to normal. 

Should you rethink your travel rewards card? – (Chriselliotts.com)

It’s easy to become disgruntled with a travel rewards credit card when you’re unable to use many of the card’s perks, and your traveling has come to a halt. But don’t cut up your card without weighing the many cons and benefits first.

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